Company History

  The founder of our company is Kyriakos Kylakos. He was born in postwar Athens in 1945.The hardships of the time lead him, as most of the young population, at sea.During the 60s the Greek shipping trade was at its peak. Kyriakos Kylakos at the age of 18 decided to embark .He travels under many Greek shipping companies ,such as the Aristotelis Onassis company.

  At the early 70s he stops traveling and begins working at the Greek shipyards. In 1980 with two colleagues  he opened his first very own business specialized in turbochargers.

Having the experience in turbo repairs and in the operation of such a business, in 1991 he founded "Turbo Spares & Repairs", a company specialized in turbo spare parts sales and overhauling of marine turbochargers.

  In 2011 he retires and his children, Michael Kylakos and Maria Kylakou, take over the business.

  Today he has the counseling  and honorary manager position of the company.

Company's Founder